Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quarantine = wat


Okay, so I just finished watching Quarantine for the first time. I'm a HUGE horror movie fan, and I figured "Well, sure! I've got nothing to lose, save for an hour and a half of my time!". It started out pretty slow, and it reminded me heavily of Cloverfield, minus the huge monster terrorizing New York City. Sure, the firefighters were cute, but the female lead was annoying as hell when they got to the duplex/apartment building. "NO, DON'T TURN OFF THE CAMERA, THERE'S ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING BATSHIT INSANE DUE TO A RABIES SORT OF DISEASE." Yeeeah, it was pretty corny. Though, I will say that they did a pretty good job on the infected people, since there aren't many zombie movies around that actually make things look convincing, or even frightening for that matter.

Pretty sexy, rite?

Any how, the ending is what made the movie terrible. It kept me interested for the most part, but the ending left me with my jaw dropped, struggling for words. Finally I just said, "WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL WAS THAT!?" and changed the channel. I swear, it was just like Cloverfield all over again -- HORRIBAD ending. I mean, it's not that the main characters all died, it was more or less the fact that it suddenly cut to black with no explanation, no real story development, and the infected victims had me interested enough to where I slammed into a brick wall at the end. I mean, Pet Sematary (the book and movie) had a better ending, and both those cut off right at a cliff hanger; then again, Stephen King is awesome and usually knows what he's doing.

I suppose I'm just reeling from yet another failure of a "horror" movie. I suppose it would fit more under thriller and suspense, unless you're a little kid flipping through channels and stumbles across this driveling piece of stupid. I honestly can't say I'm surprised, though, since movies nowadays are a hit or miss when it comes to quality, as well as a good plot. Shutter Island? Pretty good. Inception? Also pretty good. Avatar? Pretty graphics, shitty and overused story. The Last Airbender? Fuck you, M. Night Shamalamadingdog. Fuck you for ruining one of my favorite cartoons.


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  6. The overall story of quarantine wasn't all that bad, and honestly I guess I don't mind when they are left on cliffhangers. I don't know, maybe i'm just biased because thats a similar way I see the zombie apocalypse going down. And my apologies for being one of those "check my blog" guys, but if you want some info on why zombies aren't so far fetched you can actually look at my blog. I just started it a bit ago and am now continuing it, so if you are a fan of zombies like me, feel free to check it out.